Sinai Icon Conference at Princeton

By Lynette Hull on March 31, 2015


Most iconographers are familiar with Kurt Weitzmann, the art historian who “rediscovered” Mount Sinai Monastery. Realizing the historical value of the treasure trove of icons at the monastery, he began a documenting project by photographing all the icons in the monastery. Weitzmann was a professor at Princeton University and the University has continued to support the digitizing of the icon library at Sinai. Princeton also has a yearly Weitzmann lecture. This year, there is a conference April 17 and 18th, focused on Mt Sinai and it’s icons.

The famous – in – icon – circles, Robin Cormack will give the Weitzmann lecture, “Discovering Icons at Sinai: From Uspenskij to Weitzmann”.

The conference is free and open to the public, but registration is appreciated. Formore information, please go to:

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