Roman Frescoes of the 8th Century

By Jonathan Pageau on October 4, 2012

John Sanidopoulos of the quality Mystagogy blog has posted a nice little article on the restoration being done of 8th century Byzantine style frescoes in the Santa Maria Antiqua church of Rome.

On Monday October 1st Italy’s Culture Ministry allowed a rare peak at a (EURO)3 million ($3.8 million) restoration of medieval frescoes in the ancient church of St. Mary in the Roman Forum (Santa Maria Antiqua).
During a visit on Monday, a restorer in blue rubber gloves stood on a metal scaffold and took a small paint brush to the dark clothing of a Byzantine fresco of the Virgin Mary on the walk of the church experts refer to as the Sistine Chapel of the eighth century.
One can see the full article on Mystagogy.
Larger and more elaborate pictures appear here.
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