1. Beautiful. May continue to be blessed and serve.

  2. Peter

    A beautiful work; since this is to be used liturgically, I presume the rule that no leather be placed upon the altar table is being piously sidestepped in a nod to historical precedence, eh?

    1. Hi Peter,

      The supposed ‘rule’ that no animal products be used at the altar is something I often hear about, but it has always baffled me. In the middle ages, books were not only bound in leather – they were completely made of leather (vellum pages). And icons, which are placed on the altar to be blessed, are made with rabbit-skin glue in the gesso and eggs in the paint. And the altar itself, if made of wood, would, historically, have been glued together with hide glue from horses or other animals. And how about all the old Athonite liturgical implements we see in museums that are inlaid in ivory, mother of pearl, or tortoiseshell?

      So on what grounds can anyone argue that there ever was such a rule? If there is such a cannon written somewhere, it seems that church tradition did not receive and accept it.

      1. Fr. Justin


    2. Pdn. Sergius R.B. Miller

      There is NO such rule about leather. Remember that for many centuries the pages were parchment (calf, lamb, or pig skin) and the glue was made from rabbit skin. I have no idea who started this nonsense about leather.

      Protodeacon Sergius Miller
      St. Matthew’s Orthodox Church
      Columbia, Maryland

  3. LTB

    This is simply beautiful. Acts of devotion. The carving is exquisite, Jonathan. I may be the odd one out, but I wouldn’t mind some color on the carving of your next collaboration :-).

  4. Anne Ryan

    This is so beautiful. I feel very privileged to be able to see this.

  5. David Maliniak

    That is just stunning! Congratulations!

    If I may ask, what does the finished product weigh? And what are its dimensions?

    Dn. David

    1. The dimensions are 9″x11-3/8″. It is not heavy. The wood covers are pretty lightweight and the metal adds hardly any weight at all.

  6. M. A.

    Beautiful! Would you by any chance have the reference for the original publication?

    1. It uses the gospel published by the Antiochian Archdiocese.

      1. M. A.

        Thank you very much. Again, this is beautiful work!

  7. Jeffrey Dutton

    Superb. Congratulations. Inspirational.

  8. Anneke Ekkel

    This is so beautiful, absolutely wonderful in all aspects! I sing for joy when I see something as special as this!
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  9. Fr. Stephen

    Stunning. I would like to discuss the possibility to acquire a gospel book such as this one.

  10. Bill

    I attend Holy Trinity and this is absolutely beautiful, the time and patients that went into making this is inspirational
    Thank you

  11. Thank you, Andrew Gould, for this spectacular work and for showing us the elaborate production process. Truly magnificent.

    Should anyone wish to see additional works of such beauty, please see:


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