1. Paul Renneberg

    Absolutely magnificent!

  2. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  3. Michael Roeder

    A fantastic effort and final result by two highly-skilled and dedicated craftsmen, along with a team in the background who support various steps in the process. I’m now even more appreciative of their other accomplishments which I’ve seen in their studio(s) and in churches.

  4. Roberta Robertson

    Stunningly magnificent!

  5. claire humphreys

    Thanks for sharing your work in such detail, the information is fascinating!

  6. T. Chan

    More wonderful work from Mr. Hart, and an enjoyable essay on the process!

  7. Thank you for all your encouraging words. May these mosaics be a blessing for centuries to come!

  8. Dear Aidan,

    Glory to God! Beautiful icons. Very inspiring! The photos showing them in context look wonderful: real mosaic.

    Thank you for the detailed explanation of the process and technique. We’ll be going through it carefully here in our Monastery workshop. It looks very useful, and answers several of the questions we had on the double direct technique. Your generously developed article is a real gift.

    Many years and many mosaics to you and your co-workers!

    1. Thank you Fr Patrick. Do ask if there are other technical questions you need clarifying.

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