1. Many Blessings on opening the new vessel of God’s grace to the world!!!

    1. Mirela Tudora

      Glory to God!

  2. Ruth Uhl

    So grateful and blessed to have been able to be at the door-opening of this beautiful new church! Beauty, peace, love, worship, glory, hard work, persistence, and vision – all a part of this exquisite building. Everyone’s faces were wreathed in smiles at the unveiling of this project. May God continue to shower this parish with more blessings as the years flow on.

  3. Rev. John

    Are you open to aesthetic critiques?
    I like the external brickwork very much, much better than the rendering would have it. The columns don’t appear to be massive enough to support the arches above them. They should be much stouter. I suppose there was no way around installation of pews. Chris Kamages tries to sell the ‘Orthodox chair’ for his temples… I don’t know if anyone is buying them.

  4. James

    A beautiful church but the people are corralled in pews. Ugh!!

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