1. To: Andrew Gould

    It was a pleasure to see the beauty you instilled at Holy Virgin Cathedral.
    I have seen other projects that have been restored but not with the love you have shown for this Cathedral. Thank you for creating a Landmark.

    With deepest respect,
    Steven Papadatos Architect
    New York

  2. Sergi Kaminsky

    Beautiful to see the new “wardrobe ” of this Holy Cathedral from which many memories remain in our hearts from the beauty and solemnity of the Divine Services,the prayers at the relics of St. John,the warmth and hospitality of the clergy and the feeling of being in heaven on earth and good will towards men! God grant you Many Years!

  3. WHAT A BEAUTY AND INSPIRATION! A most fitting resting place for the magnificent Saint and the Holy Mother! I will continue to pray for this glory to continue for eons.

    With all humility. Philip Tamoush, formerly publisher of Oakwood Publications (publisher of translations into English of Iconographer’s Patternbook, Icon Painters’ Sketchbooks, and other classics and texts of Fr. Alexander MEN)

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