1. Sister Esther

    As I live in the U.K. I am unable to come to this conference but would like to know if you are going to put the actual conferences on some web-site – or send them to the British Association of Iconographers for publication in their Review. Thank you and look forward to your reply
    Sister Esther

  2. nancy

    I love the concept behind the Climacus Conference, but I have a gentle suggestion. Since its origins, the administrators have tried to cram too much into the two day/two and a half day conference. Designers of conferences would suggest that the content be trimmed. It’s nice to have “big names” and prominent scholars present, but participants cannot possibly attend all the sessions. One or two major speakers in plenary sessions would make it easier for those who attend the conference to hear these speakers. The program is possibly too ambitious for this kind of gathering. Think about structure.

  3. Andrew Gill

    Will you have the conference recorded? I will also not be able to attend due to planned events; however, I would like to purchase a recording?

  4. Note – The conference organizers have just announced that the conference will be postponed for one year. It will be held February 12-14, 2015.

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