1. It is amazing how that space comes to life. It is almost like a crown coming down from heaven and it paradoxically makes the space above look even loftier than before.

  2. nancy

    Breathtakingly (Is that a word?) beautiful. An enhancement to this holy space.

  3. Remarkable! The light from the choros bestows a beautiful warmth on the whole space.

  4. Pete

    I really appreciate the detail added to the “candles”, but I would be interested in a discussion at some point on this site regarding the use of electric lighting verses flames (and perhaps the different types of lamps and candles available today…). Nevertheless, another beautiful addition to the American Orthodox experience, sir!

  5. Paul Stetsenko

    My heart stopped – it is so beautiful!

  6. Lynette

    Glory to God! What beautiful work and may it be blessed. Congratulations!

  7. Daniel Davis

    How marvelous! Truly a beautiful piece of work!

  8. Beautiful, just like all your work! You are a true artist.

  9. W Stickney

    Hello. Is there a detail photo of how the wiring works? Tnx, ws

    1. It’s just black lamp wire secured very tightly and neatly against the steel bars. It’s quite hard to see, even though it’s in plain sight. The methods of attaching it, and of feeding it up into the electric candles, took a lot of thought.

  10. Gale

    It is so beautiful!

  11. Very beautiful detailing and thought had to have gone into this! Congratulations on another successful and gorgeous choros chandelier!

  12. Henry "OZ" Osborne

    Isn’t our church in the likeness of God. He shapes our lives and our church.
    Glory to Jesus Christ, Glory Forever

  13. Sister Ana

    This is so beautiful…stunning!
    I live in nearby La Plata…I’ll have to go see it one of these days.

  14. Christopher D.H. Row

    Another beautiful chandelier, Andrew! As always, you have a beautiful way of combining modern technologies with a sensitive liturgical and aesthetic eye. I look forward to the day when the entire main floor of the Trinity College Chapel is fitted with your chandeliers!

  15. Baker Galloway

    Rock that goth bling, brother.

    I and Tim Burton approve this jam.

    Nice scaling as well for the pedestrian. Many choros chandeliers are too low for a parish – monastic candle-lit ones are nice to be swung by hand, but keeping it up higher allows the participants in liturgy to gather forward, underneath it, closer to the royal doors. The real low ones generally keep everybody out of the middle of the room, which in my opinion is not very nice for a family-style parish. Yours is just low enough to accommodate most mild cases of claustrophobia.


  16. Outstanding! Very beautiful work! I wish we new about you 23 years ago when we were building this chapel: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimforest/7209753/in/photostream/

    but you, probably, were not in business then…

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