1. Warren Satterlee, II

    Words can not describe the magnificence and beauty of the Work ! Such majestic professional singers. I’ve enjoyed many musical presentations by the Choir at St. Tikhon’s . So very happy I found this performance. Thank you so very much for presenting it on line ! Thanks be to God !

  2. Gale

    The excerpt is so beautiful! In what church was this liturgy performed?

    1. Benedict Sheehan

      The performance was in St. Stephen’s Pro-Cathedral in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

  3. Glory to God. Can’t wait for the release of the recording. Congratulations to Benedict and all who worked so hard to create and present such a moving work!

  4. I have heard it said that God is Best Known in Awe and Wonder. And someone else said, God comes to us disguised as our orsinary life. Today I happened upon the “ordinary” stuff of this material world filled and Traansfigured with the Light Uncreated, that I was dazzeled and overcome with Awesome Wonder at the Revelation of the Beauty of the Holy Trinity. The ability to take the Word of God, join it to the human heart and voice through the medium of song, knowing the context in which this Song is offered and Sanctified, worthily participates in The Sacred Mysteries that are to be celebrated and enfolded by this muisc. I look forward with great anticipation hearing the entire Liturgy. The only thing better would to be in the Divine Liturgy when Heaven and earth are actually joined in its entirity. Bread, Wine, the Word and Song become an encounter with and participation in the Deifying Life of God.

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