1. Stíofan Seamus MacArcaíl

    In the future Eternal State, there will not be any worries about notes sung that vanish forever because we will experience fulness of Joy in His Presence forever. All things in our present world are passing and fading away, decaying and breaking down, but His Word will never pass away. When we will be like The Lord Jesus Christ, we will never suffer any loss.

    1. Amen, Amen, Amen!

    2. Richard I.

      I reckon this puts emphasis on the opportunity we have in liturgical singing as a present participation in eternal blessedness — not something merely to look forward to, but something to experience even now, (even inasmuch as it is but a glimpse), as the whole Divine Liturgy and all the Church’s arts are a present meeting and conjoining of heaven and earth.

      1. “Singing beautifully in church, above all, manifests that love now, in real time. The great thing, though, is that this is a path to sanctity, as the “Prayer Before the Ambo” says. God sanctifies us through our actively loving the beauty of His house. And not just us, but lots of people. Everyone who walks into a church where this is happening will be affected on a deep level. This is the kind of beauty that saves the world, as Dostoevsky said.” Benedict Sheehan

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