1. hal dudash

    Good article. Nice furniture -simple. You know what they say: ” A jackass is a horse made by a committee.” Many priests can tell you that what began as a beautiful church building with simple beauty ends up a endever to impress. Back in my youth I always thought we would be finished with wood by this time. I didn’t think of the enduring quality and beauty of wood! My question: “Did anyone ask what the abbot wanted?” an old joke: After michangelo finished the Cistine chapel the pope said: ” Nice, but all I wanted was a coat of off-white.”

  2. An excellent piece of furniture indeed. It is a perfect example of a traditional Byzantine form rendered with materials, details, and level of finish that is distinctly American. This is a high burden to achieve, because historical American furniture has an exceptionally high level of craftsmanship – better even than Aristocratic European furniture. It takes a significant investment in time and money to make a piece such as this that honors the quality of our own cultural heritage.

  3. Gaelan Gilbert

    Thanks for a fantastic post. As the son and apprentice of a custom woodworker, as well as a recent convert to Orthodoxy (and a Californian), I am grateful for this article (and its hyperlinks), which gestures toward important avenues for contemporary Orthodox craftmanship – keep up the good work, Mr. Carey!

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