VISIONS OF BEAUTY: St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy Spring Seminar

By Lynette Hull on November 18, 2013


This spring, from May 26th – June 9th, 2014, St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy  will host a 10 day seminar on the “Foundations of Russian Religion and Culture in the Course of a Thousand Years.”  The seminar will be held entirely in English.

The objective is to “learn about the notion of beauty and its development through the ages in Russia.”  What this means is that through an exploration of both traditional and modern art each student will deepen their understanding of Orthodoxy and the icon.

The schedule includes lectures on Russian theology and iconography, master classes by iconographers, travel to icon centers in Novgorod, Pskov, services in both Russian and english at various churches and monasteries, visits to the Hermitage and Dostoevsky’s house and much more.

The cost is $2500 inclusive except airfare.

For information and sign up:

The Spring Seminar is open to those who are experienced in faith and life. Deadline for applications

is December 15, 2013. A letter of application together with motivation letter need to be submitted in order to apply. Please send your application via email – attached as PDFs – to program coordinator: Dr. Natalia Pecherskaya, Rector SRPh
E-mail:, Facebook Web Page:

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  1. María Pula IAnnizzotto on November 19, 2013 at 7:23 am

    My name is MAría Paula I am Argentinian, I am 26 years old, and I am the sixth of a very beautiful family of 10 children.I am catholic and a lay consacrated personand, I love to pray with the Icons, I am learning about Iconography and Russian culture. I am a beginner in paiting icons but I want to learn and to dedicate to it.
    I would like to attend the seminar, but I fear is too expensive for me, Do you provide some kind of bursary for the students or young people?
    Any way…Thank you for your invitation.
    I hope to receive some information soon.
    My regards to you.
    +María Paula de Jesus.

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