1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Karen Woods


  3. Prayerfully beautiful in its simplicity, harmony, craft.

  4. Dennis Sardella

    I have to agree with the previous comments about the beauty of your iconostasis. The color is luminous and its very simplicity helps to focus on the icons and engender an atmosphere of meditation. Thank you for sharing your work with us and making the point that “inexpensive” need not mean mediocre.

  5. Christopher J Armstrong-Stevenson

    In the photograph of the lower panel, held upside down, the natural grain appears as watered silk patterning…and is a lovely look. Too bad that only one panel had that appearance as I think both having that look would have matched beautifully. I’m wondering what that grain looked like after shellacking.

    The whole iconostasis is elegant and worthy of commissioned icons rather than the reproductions temporarily installed; I find the colors of that company’s icon prints to be very “chemical-looking” and acid sharp.

    1. Yes, indeed. I myself have a strong aversion to printed icons, so I was reluctant to have these ones printed. They are just prints on paper mounted to foam core, so they are very temporary indeed. I think it best for temporary printed icons to be just that – clearly not real, obviously disposable. This way the printed icons will serve as an encouragement to getting real icons. When parishes invest in ‘high-end’ printed icons, it can serve as a hindrance to their getting real icons.

  6. Baker Galloway

    Dear Andrew,
    for a different client that doesn’t have slavic (or maybe even recent immigrant of any kind) heritage would you consider a similar design, but not having the curved pieces at the tops of the door openings – just leaving them rectangular squared off? That would appeal to my personal taste, but I am curious if it would be too minimalist for you? If I were to attempt that myself I would probably change from 3/4″ thick lumber to at least 1.5″ thickness so that while minimal, the wood would at least have some mass to it.

  7. Ron Malor

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful and humble in its simplicity. I could contemplate it for hours (if not longer). Thank you.

  8. Maxim Malavansky

    Very Beautiful…

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