1. pb

    Beautiful. May our Lord bless your work!

  2. Benjamin Knopf

    Have you ever given the Stave Churches in Norway much consideration in your research? I would expect you could draw a great deal of inspiration from their forms.

    1. Yes, I have even proposed some church designs with timber detailing drawn from stave churches. The Byzantine-influenced columns and arches in stave churches are an excellent model for Orthodox design in timber.

  3. Josh Duncan

    Thank you, Andrew. Thank you so, so much! This monastery is near my home and played a major role in my family coming to Orthodoxy.

    The design is beautiful and I can barely wait to see it become a reality.

  4. Julian

    Thanks for stepping us through your thought process on the design of this structure and sharing your renderings with us. It’s a beautiful space.

  5. I note the design includes a single w.c. off the sacristy which will be appreciated especially by, visiting clergy but what sanitary provision is being made for lay congregants?

    1. There will be public restrooms in the basement.

  6. What an amazing piece of architecture! Absolutely perfect melange of American and Orthodox architecture. Do you not think there should be stairs leading up to the front entrance of the church? The stairs that I have in mind are the stairs outside the Saint Serge institute Orthodox Church in Paris, where the doorway to the crypt and the upper church are in the middle.

    1. The site is such that everyone will approach the church from the sides, from the upper level of the terracing. So the entry sequence will be into the side porches, then around to the front door. The lower level will generally be accessed by going downstairs from the upper porch. If it were an urban setting with the street access at the lower level, then certainly it would call for a grand staircase.

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