Macrina Lewis

Music, Iconography, and Theory

Macrina Lewis has  studied iconography with Fr. Patrick Doolan, Fr. Andrew Tregubov, Matushka Ann Margitich, and Heather McKean, in the line of Leonid Ouspensky.  She spent twelve years studying Orthodox music and conducting with Fr. Lawrence Margitich. She has directed liturgical choirs for 25 years, helping lead various workshops on the West Coast and at Diocesan events, including  the recent All-American Council of the OCA in Seattle (2011).  She has put her expertise to practice in setting Orthodox hymnography for small Orthodox choirs and has developed teaching and composing methods for the same.  She has produced the albums Attend, O Heaven  (St. Seraphim Choir, Santa Rosa, CA) and Cherubika.  She is the owner of Anaphora Press, founded in 2007 and dedicated to Orthodox creative and liturgical arts, especially fiction and poetry, choir music, and educational materials for Orthodox homeschool and Sunday school programs.  One of Anaphora’s most current endeavors,  Project Synaxis is a collection of the Lives of the Saints for children with accompanying activities and resources for teaching.  She is also author of The Children’s Garden of the Theotokos, an Orthodox curriculum for young children.

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